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Fudo Miyo

Fudo Miyo is the Japanese version of Vajra Achala. The word means "immovable one." Fudo is a wrathful protector Buddha. His role is to use fearsome, wrathful power to purify negativities.

In Japan, he is sometimes given particular reverence; he is the first of the "Thirteen Buddhas" which are each worshipped for one week sequentially to mourn the dead who are passing through the bardo. At Shingon Buddhist temples dedicated to Fudo, priests perform purification rituals enlisting his aid. Many Japanese Buddhists pray to statues or talismans of Fudo as well.

Fudo bears a sword in his right hand, and a lariat or noose in his left. He blazes with fire to burn away obstacles. In Tibetan Buddhism, he's a protector related to Manjushri practice.

Sourced from Wikipedia and Himalayan Art.

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