Golden Blue Lotus Tara

Meditation Group, Moscow


Mandala Prayer

Sa-zhi po-kyi jug-shing me-tog tram
The universal ground purified with scent and flowers spread,
Ri-rab ling-zhi nyi-day gyan-pa-di
Becomes the pure realm of the Divine-Wisdom view.
Sang-gyay zhing-du mig-te ul-wa-yi
Magnificent Mount Meru is beautifully adorned by continents, sun and moon.
Dro-kun nam-dag zhing-la cho-par shog!
May all Mother sentient beings enjoy this pure land!

Dag-gi chag-dang mong-sum kye-pay-yul
My rising objects of carnal desire, hatred and ignorance,
Dra-nyen bar-sum lu-dang long-cho-chay
Enemy, friend and stranger, my body and all my possessions,
P'ang-pa me-par b'ul-gye leg-zhe-nay
These I offer without attachment for your enjoyment,
Dub-sum rang-sar drol-war j'in-gyi-lab!
Please bless me and all sentient beings to be released from the three poisons of the mind!

Om idam guru ratna mandalaka niryatayami!
I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, precious teachers!


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