Golden Blue Lotus Tara

Meditation Group, Moscow



Ge-wa di-yi nyur-du-dag
By this virtue may I quickly
La-ma Sang-gye drup-gyur-ney
Attain the state of Guru Buddha, and then
Dro-wa chig-kyang ma-lu-pa
Lead every being without exception
Kye-kyi sa-la go-par-shog!
To that very state!

Jang-chub sem-chog Rin-po-che
May the most Precious and Supreme Bodhicitta awakening mind
Ma-kye pa-nam kye-gyur-chig
Which has not been generated now be generated,
Kye-pa nyam-pa me-par-yang
And may the Precious Mind of Bodhicitta which has been generated
Gong-ne gong-du pal-war-shog!
Never decline, but always increase!

So that the tradition of Je Tsong Khapa
The king of the Dharma, may flourish,
May all obstacles be pacified,
And may all favorable conditions abound.

Through the two collections of myself and others
Gathered throughout the three times,
May the teaching of Lama Tsong Khapa
Flourish evermore.


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