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Please consider supporting our efforts toward bringing Dharma to our community through Dharma teachings and other activities.

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Please make checks payable to "Golden Blue Lotus Tara." Contact Nathan Foster for more information.

Some of the projects we support:

The Gompa Fund

Rinpoche's wish to build a Gompa in the west has come true! We have a beautiful place in the BC Kootenays where teachings and retreats can be held. Our retreat center still needs ongoing work.

Please visit the Gaden for the West website to contribute to the gompa fund.

The Jamseng Medical Clinic

At present the Zadoh region in Eastern Tibet, with around 7 - 10,000 people, has no facility to meet the basic health care needs of its community. Rinpoche has built a new health care facility near Zadoh, but wishes to bring funds to:

  • furnish and expand the building;
  • pay the doctor a salary;
  • buy medicine and equipment.

Please visit the Gaden Relief website or send contributions to:

637 Christie St. 
Toronto, Ontario M6G 3E6 
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Zadoh Health Clinic logo

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