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Tibetan Buddhist Calendar 2012

January: Tsog days: 3rd & 18th
Protector Puja: 22nd
Tara Puja: 1st & 31st;
Medicine Buddha Puja: 1st, 9th, & 31st

February: Tsog days: 2nd & 16th
Protector Puja: 20th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 7th
Days of Miracles: 22nd - March 8th

March: Tsog days: 3rd & 17th
Protector Puja: 21st
Tara Puja: 1st & 30th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 1st, 8th, & 30th
Days of Miracles: February 22nd - 8th

April: Tsog days: 2nd & 15th
Protector Puja: 20th
Tara Puja: 29th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 6th & 29th

May: Tsog days: 1st, 15th & 30th
Protector Puja: 19th
Tara Puja: 29th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 6th & 29th
Lord Buddha's conception: 28th

June: Tsog days: 14th & 29th
Protector Puja: 18th
Tara Puja: 27th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 4th & 27th
Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenement, and parinirvana: 4th

July: Tsog days: 13th & 28th
Protector Puja: 17th
Tara Puja: 26th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 3rd & 26th
Lord Buddha's First Teaching: 23rd
HH The Dalai Lama's Birthday: 6th

August: Tsog days: 12th & 26th
Protector Puja: 16th
Tara Puja: 25th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 2nd, 25th, & 31st
Lord Buddha's conception (alternative): 2nd

September: Tsog days: 10th & 25th
Protector Puja: 15th
Tara Puja: 23rd
Medicine Buddha Puja: 23rd & 30th

October: Tsog days: 10th & 24th
Protector Puja: 14th
Tara Puja: 22nd
Medicine Buddha Puja: 22nd & 29th
Lord Buddha's acceptance to Descend from the God Realm of Thirty-three: 29th

November: Tsog days: 9th & 23rd
Protector Puja: 12th
Tara Puja: 21st
Medicine Buddha Puja: 21st & 28th
Lord Buddha's actual descent From God Realm of Thirty Three: 6th

December: Tsog days: 8th & 22nd
Protector Puja: 12th
Tara Puja: 20th
Medicine Buddha Puja: 20th & 28th
Lama Tsong Khapa Day: 8th

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