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The Second Zasep Tulku

The second incarnation, Lama Namka Thogdug, was a contemporary of the fifth Karmapa. When he was young, Namka Thogdug studied and meditated at Zuru Gompa where there was a holy statue of Vajradhara (Tib. Dorje Chang), the monastery's most prized possession.

Lama Namka Thogdug took the statue of Vajradhara with him on a journey to the province of Gerjel. Because of the weight of the statue he could not remove its base as well, and until 1959 the lotus and moon seat of this statue could still be seen at Zuru Gompa.

In Gerjel province he established a new monastery which he again called Zuru Gompa. When he arrived at the present location of Zuru Monastery, suddenly his state became heavy.  He could not move.  So he thought this was a good omen.  This monastery was often called Tashi Choling or the Red Monastery (Tib. Gompa Marpo), on account of its main temple being an outstanding red color. Zuru Gompa in Gerjel was a collection of white buildings situated halfway up a mountain above the plain through which the Mekong River runs. The retreat center of Zuru was perched higher up in the bare, grey rocks above the monastery. In this new monastery was placed the Vajradhara statue from the first gompa, showing that this monastery was the new home for Namka Thogdug and his reincarnations.

Until recently there was in Zuru Gompa the mystical hat of Namka Thogdug, which this great yogi with many psychic powers wore during his meditations. On the tip of his hat was a strange congealed substance called togchu (1).

The Third to Tenth Incarnations

The incarnations (2) of the third to the eleventh Zasep Tulku were great yogis with profound realizations who, as Bodhisattvas with boundless compassion and unfailing perseverance, worked for the benefit of all sentient beings so as to liberate them from their own self-made suffering.


1.    Translator's note:  Togchu, literally "lightening water," falls from the sky during storms.  It is caused by malicious spirits.  Those struck by it are killed instantly, as if by explosion.  By his psychic powers, Namka Thogdug was able to completely subdue these spirits and so was not harmed by the togchu.  Rendered powerless, it congealed on his hat.

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2.    Names of the incarnations third to tenth.  Third incarnation, Karma Dubgyud Tenzin; Fourth, Karma Thegchog; Fifth, Namka Kunchab; Sixth, Karma Nyedun Gyaltso; Seventh, Konchog Tsultrim; Eighth, Karma Gyaltso; Ninth, Karma Zopa; Tenth, Konchog Thinley Zangpo.

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